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The International Commercial Arbitration Diploma


The Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration qualifies the trainee arbitrator with all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a certified international arbitrator from the In...

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Drafting an arbitration agreement contract and its implementation mechanism


This training program seeks to enable participants to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to draft arbitration contracts in a way that achieves legal security and facilitates the i...

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Diploma in Diplomatic and Political Relations


The Diploma in Diplomatic Relations qualifies the trainee with all the necessary experience to become an international arbitration consultant in international disputes accredited by the I...

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Arbitration in investment disputes and commercial contracts


It is an educational program dedicated to providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to settle disputes in the areas of investment and commercial contracts using arbit...

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International Law and Human Rights Program


The International Law and Human Rights Program is an educational program that aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of the laws and principles related to international la...